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Play Therapy


Play therapy is a systematically and theoretically based approach. It is a process to build up interpersonal relationship. Professional play therapist uses up the healing ability of play to help and prevent children with psychological and social difficulties. During the interactive process between the children and therapist, the children will follow their own pace and agenda to explore things that affect their present life, including the past and the present, conscious and unconscious. During this healing process, their inner resources and energies can be achieved the best grow-up, change and development.


Play therapy can be divided into two basic theoretical models : non-directive and directive play therapy. Research has found that the play therapy has positive curative effect for the children with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. These difficulties are related to the daily life pressure, including parental divorce, bereavement, changing living environment, chronic illness, family violence, sexual abuse and natural disaster.

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