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Nazmus Saquib!!!! The name derives from Arabic words which mean “Bright Star”. Yes, to me, my son is the Brightest Star of the world.


He was born in 2004 with Chromosomal Abnormalities and is suffering from Global Developmental Delay. At the first day, doctor told me that he may not walk, may not see, may not hear and bla! bla!! bla!!!. I never believed that as I have full confidence on ALMIGHTY ALLAH. For last nine and a half years I left no stone unturned as per my own ability to make my son happy and active. During this journey, I met hundreds of doctors who helped me a lot. I am grateful to them. If anyone asked me who the best among the hundreds is!!! I must say DR. SYLVIA DOO.


She is my Son’s doctor and now she becomes my friend in good times and my friend in bad times which is the most important for me.  She not only treated my son but also helped me in finding his schools and therapists and also settling my family in Hong Kong.


My son now can walk, climb stairs even sometimes without holding anything. He loves music, playing with balls, watching television and moving around. He feels that he is the king of the world and can do whatever he likes; so throwing things is his passion. However, now he applies judgment in throwing, playing and in all activities. Food was the most disgusting thing for him in the world but now he loves eating ice-cream, Bangladeshi special rice polao, egg, sweet dishes, noodles and surprisingly Chinese vegetables and different dishes. He became “Student of the Week” several times in his school.


DR. Sylvia, when I see any improvement in my Son, first, I thank ALLAH and then you.  You are simply a                                              


                                                                           Mirana Mahrukh
                                                                  Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong


12 Jun 2016
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