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Our Clinical Psychologist

Doctor of Psychology, Widener University, USA

Master of Arts (Clinical Psychology), Widener University, USA

Bachelor of Social Science (Journalism & Communication), CUHK

Member, American Psychological Association

Member, Hong Kong Psychological Society

Member, Division of Clinical Psychology, HKPS


During my graduate studies in the U.S., I have practiced in numerous community mental health centers in the State of Pennsylvania where I treated children, adolescents, and adults suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, and substance abuse. I have been practicing locally in Hong Kong since 1999 – in roles in the Student Health Service and Child Assessment Service under the Hong Kong Department of Health; as well as the Student Counselling and Development Service at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In my doctorate studies, I specialized in the research of expressive styles of anger, and anger management, as well as the relation between individualism, collectivism, and cultural differences in emotion and display rules.


I published my first book in 2013! Titled【孩子扭計點算好】 – it’s a short read about common behavioural situations faced by parents and care-givers of children aged 4 to 13. Written in a simple case-study format, it provides a balanced perspective of child-developmental psychology, offering techniques and advice for effective parenting, preventing emotional distresses, and promoting a harmonious domestic environment for mental growth and development.




Dr. Winnie Keung  
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